US Congressional Candidate Kathleen Winn (R-AZ): Every State is a Border State — The Reality of the Southern Border Invasion

OP-ED by GOP US Congressional candidate Kathleen Winn (AZ-06):

Super Tuesday proved that the Biden border invasion is a top priority for most Americans. We know we deserve representatives who will fight to secure America and defend our nation from the devastation caused by a planned and coordinated attack against the citizens of the United States of America.

Southern states, like my home state of Arizona, shoulder a disproportionate percentage of the financial and community safety burden. Yet many of our own representatives, like Juan Ciscomani, vote with Democrats to fund security for foreign nations instead of our own. Tragically, the issue has spread far beyond the southern states.

During their coverage of primary elections across the nation, mainstream media and political elites mocked American citizens for considering border security a major issue. MSNBC’s Jen Psaki and Rachel Maddow laughed at Virginia voters after polls showed that “immigration was the number one issue,” sarcastically joking that “Virginia does have a border with West Virginia.” CONTINUE READING >>>