Border Security

As one of only 9 US Congressional Districts bordering Mexico, the voters of Arizona’s District 6 are on the front lines of America’s failed immigration policy. US Customs and Border Patrol has reported over 1.1 MILLION encounters with migrants at our southern border since October 2023 and almost 8 MILLION (~2.4% of total US population) since October 2020. Securing the border is my top priority as every news cycle brings tragic stories of violent crime committed against innocent Americans by illegal immigrants.

I believe in a robust immigration system that brings the world’s best and brightest to America. I will not wait for a tragedy to strike before acting with courage on this issue. I am fully committed to protecting this nation and her citizens by utilizing all available resources to secure our border. Most importantly, I AM PREPARED TO VOTE IN LINE WITH THESE BELIEFS.

  • Deploy military to physically secure the border
  • Establish a comprehensive deportation plan
  • Reinstate Remain-In-Mexico policies and hold Mexico accountable for the cartel’s criminal activity
  • Reverse Biden Administration procedures that incentivize illegal immigration
  • Empower law enforcement rather than restricting them

Reduce Government Spending

As of April 1, 2024, the US National Debt is over $35 trillion dollars, which equates to over $100,000 for every American. People across the political spectrum are struggling to pay their bills amid runaway government spending that has led to historic inflation and high prices, yet hundreds of billions of our tax dollars are being sent overseas and spent on frivolous earmarks to bolster political campaigns. Responsible leaders should be fighting for common sense spending cuts that reduce the size of our federal government and protect our children and grandchildren, who will be most negatively impacted by these reckless decisions.

On March 23rd of this year, President Biden signed the remaining $1.2 trillion Federal Budget into law making the FY2024 Budget $1.65 trillion. This latest bill contained a laundry list of items at odds with the values of Arizona District 6 voters, yet our current congressman proudly voted for it. I AM PREPARED TO MAKE TOUGH VOTES that AZ-6 voters demand and which will restore common sense for how we invest our tax dollars.

  • Eliminate the practice of pet projects and earmarks being traded for votes
  • Prioritize American citizens over costly foreign interests
  • Restore strict accountability in spending within the Appropriations Process
  • Reduce current spending levels that are unsustainable

Public Safety
Rule of Law

There has been a coordinated effort to vilify and diminish the role of law enforcement in our society. Now more than ever, it is essential that we rededicate ourselves to the rule of law and to supporting those who make the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. Law and order is an essential component of the American way of life, yet it is intentionally undermined to serve activist agendas, and upstanding, law-abiding citizens are the ones who suffer.

In recent years, we have witnessed an assault on the Constitution and the simple foundational liberties that are hallmarks of American society. This should not be a partisan issue. I stand proudly with first responders, our brave men and women in blue, and all of our veterans and service members. I AM COMMITTED TO RE-ESTABLISHING AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE THESE HARD-WORKING PATRIOTS FEEL SUPPORTED by their government and community.

  • Restore Constitutional values to policing and to the justice system
  • Stand against the anti-police rhetoric and fight the false narrative
  • Recognize and celebrate our veterans and 1st responders

Election Integrity

The right to vote is the most basic Constitutional right afforded to American citizens and we deserve to know that our votes are being counted in elections that are completely fair and free. Unfortunately, Arizona has become ground zero for election integrity issues, which has cast unnecessary doubt on our state’s electoral results. The only way to rebuild trust in government is for citizens to know that their elections are secure. I have a clear track record of challenging the electoral system in Arizona when it displayed obvious dysfunction. Regardless of your political affiliation, I WILL ALWAYS FIGHT TO ENSURE THAT YOUR VOICE IS FREELY EXPRESSED in state and federal politics.

  • Require proof of citizenship and voter ID
  • Return to precinct and same-day voting
  • Support legal challenges when appropriate
  • Establish mandatory voter roll updates, required by law
  • Limit mail-in voting and ballot harvesting