ENDORSEMENT: Moms for America Action


Tucson, Arizona – Today, Kathleen Winn, successful business woman, former television and radio talk show host, former Community Outreach Director for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, and Executive Director of the anti-human trafficking group “Project 25,” announced that “Moms for America” has endorsed her candidacy for Congress!

Kathleen shared the following statement:

“Being a mom is one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs in the world. Moms juggle countless responsibilities, from nurturing their families to supporting their communities. In this election, values matter more than ever and I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement from Moms for America. As a mother and a grandmother, I understand the challenges faced by families, and I am committed to advocating for policies that prioritize their well-being. Together, we can build a future where our children can thrive and our communities prosper.” 

This comes on the heels of her endorsement from Veterans for America, showcasing her commitment and gratitude to service members and their families.